IT services
Better quality and better profits

The management of IT services (ITSM) is becoming increasingly important for dynamic companies. That is the core message of the EMA Research Report 2015, for which 270 IT experts from a wide range of sectors and hierarchy levels around the world were surveyed. According to the report, for many companies, the continuous improvement of service quality and service management has even become the most decisive factor for their success.

Of those surveyed, 80% stated that they intend to implement new ITSM or CMS solutions in their company in the near future. Almost half of the companies surveyed expect to see growth in profits through ITSM, while a good third (35%) said that they at least did not expect profits to stagnate. According to the survey, more and more companies are also relying on mobile and outsourced services. 78% of survey participants strongly believe that the introduction of mobile ITSM solutions had significantly improved service quality. (Source: EMA/bs)