App development
Co-operation between Oracle and Xamarin

Oracle and Xamarin have presented the Xamarin SDK for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (Oracle MCS). This means that Xamarin’s development platform can now also be used in conjunction with Oracle Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS).

With the tools from Xamarin, developers can build Apps for Android, iOS, OS X and Windows on the basis of one and the same C# code. The company is also offering a cloud service which enables programmers to automatically test their software in the cloud on more than 1,000 devices and examine it for bugs. In addition, Xamarin Insights provides a monitoring service for detecting errors in the Apps.

Thanks to the co-operation between Oracle and Xamarin, Apps built with Xamarin can now be linked to Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service with just a few lines of code. This gives developers access to enterprise features, such as secure data integration, push notifications, backend integration, data storage as well as diagnostic and analysis resources. (Source: Xamarin/rf)