Cloud computing
Cloud IT revenue up a quarter

According to the Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker from market research institute IDC, global revenue from cloud infrastructure in the first quarter of 2015 was up 25.1% on the same period in 2014, achieving total revenue of US$6.3 billion.

With “cloud IT”, the analysts refer to equipment like servers, storage and Ethernet switches. At 24.4% and 25.5%, the growth rates for private and public clouds were almost equal, with revenue hitting the US$2.4 and US$3.9 billion mark, respectively. In the same period, non-cloud IT infrastructure revenue increased by just 6.1%, predominately due to an increase in server sales. Revenue from storage, on the other hand, was down, while revenue from Ethernet switches was up just 1%.

When looked at in terms of regions, revenue from cloud infrastructure was down in just two regions, namely Central and Eastern Europe, which IDC ascribes to the prevailing political and economic instability. The five biggest providers in the first quarter were HP, with a market share of 15.7%, Dell (11.9%), Cisco (9.3%), EMC (7.2%) and NetApp (4.4%). (Source: IDC/rf)