IT mobility
Cloud services and mobile workplaces promote one another

The availability of modern cloud services is one of the main reasons behind the creation of mobile workplaces. Conversely, the growing mobility of employees is increasing demand for cloud services. These are two of the findings of the “The Adaptive Workplace – Working in the 21st Century” study, compiled by market research institute Crisp Research in conjunction with Citrix.

Other motives for the creation of mobile workplaces specified by those surveyed were the availability of the appropriate devices and technologies, as well as structural changes, globalisation, demographic change and work/life balance. When it comes to implementing mobility concepts, the majority of investments are in security measures, a cloud infrastructure and comprehensive management of IT workstations.

Just how important the cloud is for workplace mobility is also evident from another finding of the study: Around 40% of the companies surveyed currently use at least some cloud-based applications, the majority of which are SaaS and PaaS applications. As many as 78% of the companies plan to deploy such concepts in the future.

For the study, Crisp Research surveyed 166 decision-makers from companies in a variety of sectors in May 2015. The companies each employ between 500 and 10,000 people and are based in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The full study can be downloaded for free following registration with Crisp Research. (Source: Crisp Research/Citrix/rf)