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Apple iOS is losing market share in the enterprise field

To date, mobile devices with Apple iOS have dominated as the operating system for businesses. Not much has changed in this regard in 2015 except that Android is clearly catching up. This has been shown by figures from Good Technology, a company that is active in the area of enterprise mobility management and offers business services to activate and administer apps for mobile devices.

For their Mobility Index Report, Good Technology evaluated data from 6200 companies, agencies and organisations in about 190 countries. According to their report, iOS had a 64% share of the activations in businesses, which is 6% less than a year before, while Android was able to improve 6 percentage points to 32% in the same time period. The remaining 4% fell to devices with a Microsoft operating system. If one looks solely at tablets, iOS’s share fell by 17 percentage points from 81% to 64%, Android’s share increased by 15% to 25% and the share of tablets with a Windows operating system went from 4% to 11%.

If the data are differentiated by sector, one sees that iOS is particularly preferred by insurance and financial service providers as well as agencies. In contrast, Android devices are popular in the energy sector, the manufacturing industry and in general in high-tech businesses. (Source: Good Technology/rf)