Mobile business
Mobility requires sound management

These days, it is hard to imagine not having a smartphone or tablet in business or private life. Those responsible for IT within a company face monumental tasks when it comes to providing a smooth operation.

These devices are everywhere and we use them to carry out more and more tasks. Mobile devices have become universal all-rounders. But is that really the case? For a smartphone or tablet to be used meaningfully within a company, it must support existing applications, allow for remote administration and allow adequate data encryption for transmission via a WLAN or mobile network.

Ideally, the IT department tests all applications on selected mobile devices. Using the results, the experts can then make a selection and provide its employees with the most suitable systems. For employees who work in different countries, the local data protection regulations apply. With the help of geofencing, a terminal can automatically determine the location using GPS and activate the relevant policies for the protection of private data.

If an increasing number of employees use mobile devices, this results in an additional burden being placed on the corporate network, especially the WLAN infrastructure. The more smartphones, laptops and tablets are in use, the greater the danger that these devices get lost or stolen. In this case, rules should be established that allow the fast procurement and configuration of the new devices. Moreover, administrators need a central platform to manage the smartphones and tablet computers in real time independently of the location, to delete data remotely where necessary, and to lock lost devices.

Unauthorised access to systems and data is prevented effectively by using multi-factor authentication and powerful data encryption for the mobile system. In addition, it should be possible to isolate a terminal immediately when the owner reports it missing. This prevents cybercriminals from accessing the corporate network using a smartphone or tablet.

Another aspect relating to the management of apps and mobile systems that is underestimated by many companies is technical support. Mobile workers often do not have normal working hours and also want to access familiar business applications in the evenings or at weekends. It is up to the company to provide competent technical support, which is accessible 24/7, for any problems that may arise. (Source: ManageEngine/bs)