Cloud computing
Windows 10 and the cloud are changing the tablet market

The market researchers at GfK in Nuremberg have long been observing a fundamental change in the global tablet market. While demand for classic models in the style of the Apple iPad is continuously falling, tablet computers and convertibles, which can be used both as a PC and a tablet, are becoming more and more popular.

This is also clearly demonstrated in the sales figures: while the sales of tablets globally fell by 9% in the first half of 2015, convertibles increased by 53%. The market researchers see this as a sign of the increasing need among consumers to use computers in a flexible and mobile way.

In Western Europe in particular, we are seeing a simultaneous switch in demand towards tablets with larger screens. While sales figures overall fell by 8%, the proportion of models with larger screens increased from 53% in July 2013 to 63% in July 2015. The main reason is the increased use of cloud services, which make the larger tablets more attractive for consumers.

While tablets usually work with iOS or Android as their operating system, most convertibles use Windows. These all-in-one devices combine the properties of a notebook and tablet, which make them increasingly interesting in the eyes of consumers. Together with the new, cloud-oriented version 10 of Windows, they currently represent the biggest drivers of growth on the global computer market. (Source: GfK/rf)