Cloud management
Oracle improves service for social media applications

Oracle has refined the Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud to be able to identify customers, collect public opinion trends on social media, and derive measurement categories to improve customer contact.

With the new version of Oracle Social Cloud, companies can intensify the exchange with their customers on social networks and gain better insights into their own service and operational processes. The expanded scope of functions includes a community self-service to administer one’s own communities, and improved post and ticket tracking. Detailed observation and analysis functions facilitate the evaluation of self-administered data sources.

The new version of the Oracle Service Cloud also offers a community self-service, using which customers can now get in touch with other customers or service staff. The result is higher quality in service and support; the burden on the service team is reduced overall, and customer loyalty increases.

The process and automation management system was completely redeveloped to transfer analyses and knowledge from the Oracle Social Cloud into contact management within the Oracle Service Cloud and vice versa. Context attributes and notes that have been assigned to posts or service requests can also be transferred from one solution to the other. The monitoring and analyses of one’s own data sources, including support communities, chat or call logs, are also among the expanded functions of both solutions. (Source: Oracle/bs)