Cloud Services
External services remain in demand

The outsourcing of IT services is still on the wish list of companies. This is what emerged from a recent IDC study published by Cisco. The companies outsourcing IT not only aim at efficiency and cost reduction, but see external service providers as a platform for promoting innovation, growth and digital transformation.

Due to the expected higher level of security, performance, control, and for better data privacy, IT managers want to deploy mainly private and hybrid clouds. Worldwide, however, companies treat their data storage and processing on a quite different scale. Out front are the United States, where 34% of all companies implement a cloud strategy at a high level, followed by Latin America at 29%, and the UK at 27%.

Even in the traditionally sceptical Germany, 47% of companies expect nonetheless significant sales growth through the cloud. At the same time, however, 40% still have no strategy for outsourcing their IT. Among the major industrialised nations, Japan was a surprise: only 9% of the companies surveyed handle their IT services externally.

Companies expect from targeted IT-outsourcing mainly an improved strategy for the distribution of the IT budget (51%), more revenue (47%), and optimised compliance with service level agreements (SLAs) (26%). If hybrid clouds are used, the workload portability is usually divided between public and private cloud or a mixture of both, as well as dedicated infrastructure. When using hybrid clouds, companies expect primarily that workloads can be migrated automatically among providers with respect to location, guidelines and governance (57%); 46% have safety concerns about the use of public clouds and 31% use portable workloads with automatic load balancing between public and private clouds.

In combination with recent global studies, IDC discovered that every cloud-based application leads to additional sales of an average of EUR 1.4 million, largely through increased innovation and the Internet of Things. At the same time, they lead to cost-savings of 1.1 million euros through improved agility (49%), higher employee productivity (28%), risk prevention (9%), lower infrastructure costs (8%) and benefits that come with open-source software (5%).

All of these results can be found in an IDC InfoBrief carried out on behalf of Cisco. A total of 19,080 executives and IT decision makers were surveyed. 3,643 study participants in 17 countries, among them executives at board level, IT managers and department heads in companies of every size, outsource a number of workloads to external service providers. (Source: Cisco/bs)