HR management
colleagues motivate significantly more than bosses

Employee retention and development measures are still neglected in many companies. HR department initiatives hardly develop any motivation-enhancing effects, because direct colleagues rather than supervisors are crucial to employee commitment to the workplace.

A survey commissioned by Oracle showed that the biggest influence on commitment to the workplace comes from colleagues – 42% of respondents were of this opinion. By contrast, supervisors play an important role in motivation for only 21% and the HR department for only 3% of respondents.

Although the influence of supervisors is limited to the level of motivation, they can nevertheless increase the satisfaction of their employees: 53% of respondents said that they would like to see greater acknowledgment of their own performance by their boss. It is also important for them to receive regular feedback on their work. 35% would also feel more strongly motivated by a more transparent representation of the own contribution to the company’s success.

Only 35% of respondents usually felt motivated at their workplace. On the other hand, some 56% said that they voluntarily render a better performance when they feel comfortable at a workplace. They also stop sounding out the job market. Motivated employees are thus an essential element for increasing loyalty to a company, reducing fluctuation and preventing staff shortages. (Source: Oracle/rf)