Use of data
Big data has not yet arrived in marketing

The consulting firm Millward Brown has carried out a second investigation into digital marketing. For the 2015 study, ‘Getting Digital Right’, analysts surveyed 400 workers in marketing for their assessment of how data available today through the advent of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, wearables and other networked devices is being exploited.

What emerged is that currently only 14% of marketing decision-makers are convinced that the available data is being evaluated efficiently. Customer surveys (67%) and range measurements (61%) classified the respondents as significantly reliable. At least 70% believe that data on consumer behaviour will become more important in the next three years.

Around half of the marketing executives identified the return on investment (RoI) as a key criterion for the distribution of their media budgets. They consider determining the RoI more precisely using currently available data as a priority task. More than 50% of respondents also indicated that the possibility of precisely targeting customers would be decisive for planning their media budgets. (Source: Millward Brown/rf)