Customer experience
departments are pushing for Big Data

The evidence indicates that Big Data is currently undergoing a transition from individual projects to the mainstream. Where 58% of the Gartner Research Circle stated in 2012 that they were already investing in this area or at least planned to do so, the figure was already 76% in the 2015 survey.

However, the development is still largely in its infancy: only 14% of the companies are already using the systems, while 30% are still in the pilot or experimental phase, and 18% are still developing a strategy. Interestingly, the initiative to expand a Big Data system is coming more and more from the departments. While 37% of the corresponding projects were initiated by the CIOs in the previous year, in 2015 that figure was down to 32%. Department heads initiated 31% of the projects, up from 25% in the previous year. As well, around one in every four companies that invests in Big Data does not measure the return on investment (ROI) – largely because, so far, the companies have been able to gain only minor experience with Big Data. It is thus difficult to define an ROI, let alone to measure it. That is set to change, however, by the next survey.

The most important aim when using Big Data, 64% of respondents stated, is to improve the customer experience, while 47% hope to achieve greater process efficiency. Twenty-nine percent of the respondents hope for support with product development, while around 33% expect cost reductions.

The complete study ‘Practical Challenges Mount as Big Data Moves to Mainstream’ is available from Gartner at a price of $1,295. (Source: Gartner/rf)