Internet traffic
YouTube leads download rankings

The video service YouTube is responsible for more than 24% of downstream traffic via fixed telephone lines in Europe. Traffic via the HTTP protocol ranks second with more than 15%, while Facebook is in third place with around 7.5%.

According to the Canadian network company Sandvine, BitTorrent downloads make up 6%, followed by SSL connections (5.5%), Netflix (4.8%), MPEG downloads (3.8%), iTunes (2.2%), Flash videos (1.9%) and the video game platform Twitch (1.7%). These services account for around three quarters of total Internet downstreaming in Europe.

The situation looks similar for mobile Internet access, although Google is among the top ten in this case. Sandvine identified Microsoft’s video messenger Skype as the communication service with the strongest bandwidth, while Apple iMessage and WhatsApp lag far behind. The complete study with additional numbers for the Asia-Pacific region can be downloaded for free following registration. (Source: Sandvine/rf)