IT trends
mobility and IoT challenging companies

To be as well-prepared as possible for changes to company IT, IT managers should be aware of the latest trends. Indisputably, the PC has lost its leading role as the workhorse in the office. Yet how does the working environment look today and in the near future?

According to a recent Citrix report, the total number of mobile devices used in companies over the past year has increased by 72%. At the same time, more and more employees are working outside the office. In responding to this change in working method, simply providing mobile devices is not enough. Instead, comprehensive mobility solutions and the right tools to manage the devices via remote access are needed.

As more and more employees take their private devices to work, the way employees and companies access information has fundamentally changed. According to a 2014 IDG study, 82% of the companies surveyed had to change their IT network due to the increasing use of private devices in working life. They also considered themselves forced to introduce new guidelines for internal data exchange, and they required new software and hardware to prepare themselves for the coming challenges.

The Scottish platform provider LogicNow assesses the current Windows 10 as an impressive operating system. Companies, however, continue to be challenged when it comes to backing up and protecting data within the system. Apart from a few initial technical problems and security concerns, Windows 10 shows real improvements, including new features such as single sign-on and two-factor authentication. And the IT service providers should be able to answer questions about security, compatibility and provision of the new software in order to enable a smooth transition.

Machine learning has the potential to fundamentally change the way companies provide their IT services. However, not many have concerned themselves with the topic in more depth. Using the available databases, further results based on real-time data can be acquired. This real-time data is based on data points for the managed devices and is collected by a management platform.

The market researchers from IDG thus also expect that the global market for IoT devices and services will exceed the turnover limit of $7 bn by 2020. This statistic is giving many companies an insight into the need for an IoT strategy. In view of the current hype surrounding IoT, it is still difficult to decide what aspects are realistic and feasible. Yet to prepare the strategy and implementation as effectively as possible, it is important to begin the learning process now. (Source: MAXfocus/bs)