Cloud computing
SMEs are looking for orientation in the cloud

The strongest incentives for the use of cloud computing in the SME sector are improvements in efficiency and cost savings. They are followed by the access to the latest technologies and software as well as the establishment of modern and reliable business processes.

When it comes to applications that companies would like to purchase via the cloud, the results of a survey of European companies conducted by the association ‘Deutschland sicher im Netz (DsiN)’ (Germany secure in the net) shows a picture that has not changed in years: Programs for exchanging documents, email applications, as well as software for collaboration and cooperation are at the top of their wish list.

According to DsiN Cloud Scout Report 2015, the biggest reservations companies have about cloud computing are possible dependencies on the provider (vendor lock-in), legal and contractual uncertainties and difficulties in choosing the right provider. Security concerns are dominated by fears of third-party access to the company’s own data, unknown data location, availability of applications and data, as well as concerns that reliable data transmission may not be ensured. (Source: DsiN/rf)