Digital economy
China is catching up fast

Comparing the performance of the digital economy internationally, China with 55 points has advanced from 7th to 4th place, bringing it on par with Japan, according to BMWi Monitoring.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has commissioned two research institutes, TNS Infratest and ZEW Mannheim, to conduct a study on the digital economy in several leading industrial nations. The result is the Monitoring Report: Digital Economy 2015, which assesses the degree of digitisation in trade and industry in the individual countries.

With 80 points out of a possible 100, the US is again at the top, as it was last year. The second and third places likewise continue to be occupied by South Korea, with 66, and the UK with 57 points. Following behind China and Japan are Germany (53 points), Finland (52), France (48), Spain (41) and India (31).

A different picture emerges if one looks at per capita turnover in the Internet economy. This table has South Korea at the top with 2221 euros, followed by the UK with 2194 euros and the US with 2027 euros. Continuing down the list are Finland (1622 euros), Germany (1266), Japan (1256), France (1198), Spain (792), China (259) and India (49). (Source: TNS Infratest/rf)