Global data traffic
More and more is outsourced

By the end of 2019, global cloud traffic is expected to more than quadruple from 2.1 to 8.6 billion terabytes and thus rise even more sharply than global data traffic in data centres, which is likely to triple in volume.

According to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index (2014-2019), the factors driving data traffic include personal services for mobile devices, the rapid growth of companies’ outsourced IT services, and more M2M connections.

The Internet of Everything (IoE) also has a significant impact on data centres and outsourced traffic. Only a small part of the content is thus stored in conventional data centres. Currently, 73% of the data stored on personal devices are found on PCs. By 2019, however, more than half (51%) will be stored on other devices such as smartphones, tablets or M2M modules. (Source: Cisco/bs)